4 Tips On Social Media Marketing

We are going to give you 4 easy and extremely practical tips that is going to push your social media marketing to another level. After you read them you’re going to think it was a no-brainer but surprisingly people do not consider all 4 at the same time when trying to grow their social media.

Tip #1 – Be Patient

It goes without saying, but I’m going to say it. It takes time to build and grow something. Sure some people strike some luck and get their successes quickly. For the majority of us though, it is going to take some real effort and some true patience in order to grow a social media network. Obviously with all the stuff going viral we want our stuff to be going viral as soon as possible too. And it’s very easy to get down in the dumps when your stuff on social media isn’t getting millions of views. I’m sure most would be content and satisfied with only a few thousand consistent views on all of our stuff. And you’ll get there. But it may take some time and effort along the way. And that’s where the next 3 tips come into play.


Tip #2 – Be Authentic

It should go without saying, you don’t want to lie to people. You don’t want to immediate burn yourself a bad reputation online. It is very hard to get it to go away. So you want to always be authentic from that start. Sure some of the prank channels are not completely authentic in that a lot of the pranks are staged and they know they’re bring pranked because that’s what they do. That’s a rare niche though. You want to be honest and show the real you. That’s what people like to see. They want to get to know a person because then they start to relate to you and see you as a friend. A friend they have never met. But someone they know and can understand and relate to. And that’s what is going to bring the views, the shares, and the growth.


Tip #3 – Be Consistent

You are going to need to be consistent. Do you need to post something every day? No. Is it good to do, well, it doesn’t hurt. You’re going to get better and better the more you post and find what people like. The more people see you, the more they can learn about you and the higher of the chance they’re going to start liking you and consistently viewing your social media. But you need to be consistent with posting in order for people to get consistent with viewing your stuff. Page Machines helped me with a lot of this. Before I wasn’t consistent. I would make a post on one social account like 3x a month. And sometimes it would be twice a week and then be 2 weeks before I even make another post on social media. You want to create a schedule that works for you. It can be once a week, once every two weeks, twice a week, etc or on certain days or dates you make a post. That will help keep you consistent.


Tip #4 – Create Awesome Content

Lastly, the biggest no duh out of all of the tips. You want to make sure your content freakin’ rocks! If people enjoy it, they’ll come back for more, be more likely to share it, etc. Unless you want to go the news route and always post controversial material that will get people upset and want to share, comment, etc. That’s basically the entire principle of how newspapers and news channels have stayed in business. Posting even exaggerated topics to spark emotion and reactions from viewers. Unless you want to particularly go down that route though and build like a news channel following, keep it positive, people like that stuff too.

Don’t try so hard. I know it can be hard to consistently create awesome content. And that’s where tip #2 comes in. And this is where people fail. You need to be consistent, keep it awesome, and yet be authentic. Don’t force out content that isn’t authentic just because you need to release more content for people. It really can back fire because people can smell bull crap a mile away and that is just going to get people less likely to keep following your social media.


All 4 tips seem like common knowledge. The hard part is working all 4 tips into 1 things and continually balancing them. It’s all a circus act really. How well can you balance across the tightrope of social media?